In today’s highly competitive market, companies are typically comprised of vast internal departments. Underlying skills gaps together with BBBEE compliancy targets within human capital resources threaten departmental performance and industrial competitiveness, restricting companies from performing at their full potential.

Learnex Corporate Training focusses on eliminating these frustrations by identifying industry specific skills gaps, initiating the correct training measures, compiling and submitting the Work Place Skills Plan (WSP), Annual Training Report (ATR) and Pivotal Training Plan (PTP) to the relevant SETA on your behalf. Furthermore, we source all relevant training providers and manage the project from start to finish.

We do this so that our clients can focus on the core growth facet of their business, whilst ensuring through skills development, initiatives that companies build, retain and comply with the necessary BBBEE and SETA regulations and compliancy elements.

It is imperative to assist our clients with a holistic learning and development approach. All our designed interventions are to be linked in with the organization’s BBBEE plan and executed to favourably assist clients in attaining maximum points for minimum spend!

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